Davutoglu: Turkey should respect the Syrians if a federal system is adopted for the Kurds

Future Party leader and former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey should respect Syria if its government decides to adopt a federal system for the Kurds.

Davutoglu, who served as prime minister from 2014 to 2016, said there should be no security threats against Turkey for Ankara to comply with the Syrian move.

He added in an interview with Rudaw TV: “The Syrians must decide what the regime will be in Syria “, noting that Syria’s territorial integrity must also be preserved.” The only condition for Turkey is that there are no Syrian threats against it, “he added.

According to Davutoğlu, all races and parties must decide the future of the country together.
And he added: “We cannot and must not impose anything, however Syria’s territorial integrity must not be compromised. If this happens, great suffering will occur,” adding that the first step would be to agree on a transition period.

He stressed that “they should rebuild Syria with a constitution”.

The former Turkish prime minister stressed that the Kurds and the PKK are not the same and that the PKK should not control any region.

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