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DC Unveils All-New Batman Alliance

In Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1, a mysterious new team known as the Vigil emerges and briefly exchanges blows with Red Hood. The Vigil is composed of a green-suited metahuman with electricity powers, a speedy female combatant, and a shapeshifter. It is revealed that the Vigil stole a canister of smuggled Lazarus resin to prevent it from being used to build a dangerous particle propulsion engine. The team is set to make their next appearance in March’s Detective Comics #1070 as part of Ram V’s gothic “Gotham Nocturne” story arc.

The Vigil is part of DC’s ongoing Lazarus Planet event, which sees Earth covered in Lazarus resin after a volcanic explosion and metahuman powers are gravely changed in the aftermath. The event runs until Feb. 21 and encompasses seven one-shot comics and nine tie-ins. These include Alpha, Assault on Krypton, We Once Were Gods, Legends Reborn, Next Evolution, Dark Fate and Omega.

Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1 is written by Ram V, Brandon T. Snider, Chuck Brown and Delilah S. Dawson; illustrated by Sharma, Laura Braga, Alitha Martinez Brandt and Stein; colored by Rain Beredo, Matt Herms and Alex Guimaraes; and lettered by Dave Sharpe and Troy Peteri. The one-shot is on sale now from DC.


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