DC’s Shocking Transformation of Lois Lane: Parasite Zombie Unleashed!

DC Comics’ upcoming Superman series by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell is set to be filled with plenty of action and drama. In the series’ first arc, entitled “Night of the Parasite,” Superman must face the power-stealing villain and his own loved ones, who have been transformed into ravenous Parasites. One of these victims is Lois Lane, Superman’s wife, who is shown as a monstrous Parasite with purple skin and multiple arms on the main cover for Superman #3.

The series will also feature Lex Luthor as a prominent character. In Action Comics #1050, Lex uses Manchester Black’s telepathic powers to restore Superman’s secret identity, resulting in a global shift and a stroke for Perry White, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. As a result, Lois is promoted to the position of Editor-in-Chief, a job which she initially struggles to take on.

In Superman #3, Superman must take Lex up on his offer to work together in order to find Parasite-Zero before its influence spreads to the world. Despite being incarcerated, Lex will still be a major player in the series. The issue will also feature variant covers by David Nakayama, Francesco Mattina, Helene Lenoble, Travis Mercer, Danny Miki, Megan Huang, Scott Kolins, Jamal Campbell and Steve Rude. Superman #3 is set to release April 18, while Superman #1 is out on Feb. 21 from DC Comics.

The new Superman series promises to be an exciting and thrilling ride. With Lois Lane transformed into a Parasite zombie and Lex Luthor playing a major role, the series is sure to be filled with plenty of action, drama and suspense. Fans of the Man of Steel will definitely not want to miss out on this new series.

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