Dead Cells Designer Criticizes Former Studio’s Asshole Move – Update Controversy

The Dead Cells designer, Sébastien Benard, recently criticized his former studio, Motion Twin, for its decision to stop making updates for the game. Benard was a co-founder of Motion Twin and worked at the studio for 19 years, during which time he designed Dead Cells. He then left Motion Twin in March 2020 to set up a new studio.

After the success of Dead Cells, Motion Twin wanted to continue updating it while also moving onto its next project. In 2019, members of Motion Twin established a new, legally separate studio called Evil Empire, which was then given the responsibility of working on Dead Cells updates.

Motion Twin recently announced that the upcoming Update 35 for Dead Cells will be its last, stating that Evil Empire will be pursuing new adventures. However, Benard’s comments on the official Dead Cells Discord server suggest that he believes the decision was not amicable and has negatively affected Evil Empire.

Benard’s comments imply that Motion Twin’s decision has been detrimental to Evil Empire, describing it as the “worst imaginable asshole move” and criticizing them for being “greedy”. Despite this, he wished the best for Evil Empire and its employees.

Dead Cells received five major annual expansions following its release, the last of which was a crossover with the Castlevania series.

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