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Deadly Landslide in Sichuan Province: 14 Confirmed Dead and 5 Still Missing with Rescue Operations Underway

14 Dead and 5 Missing in Sichuan Province Landslide

Tragedy struck in the southwestern province of China as 14 people lost their lives in a landslide. As per reports, the casualties occurred in Sichuan province, where five individuals are still unaccounted for.

Details of the Collapse

China’s central television reported that the landslide happened at 6 am local time (22:00 GMT), in a mountainous area close to the city of Leshan in the south of the province. This harsh terrain has made rescue operations challenging since the incident. Nonetheless, over 180 rescuers have moved to the site and are working tirelessly to save any remaining individuals and provide relief.

Search and Rescue Operations in Progress

Authorities have swung into action, and search and rescue operations are currently underway. The recent harsh weather conditions have aggravated the situation, and local authorities have been implored to keep a watchful eye on the area. The landslide appears to have occurred in a remote corner, far from any urban settlement, and no more details are available at this time.

Community Response

The local and national community has expressed their condolences on social media platforms, expressing their sorrow at the loss of life. This has been a trying year for China, as it has faced challenges on multiple fronts. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it one of the worst-hit countries globally, and now this natural calamity has added to its woes.


The news of the landslide in Sichuan province is indeed sobering. While rescue and relief operations are going on, the community must come together to support the affected families and provide whatever assistance they can. Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted, and we hope that rescue operations bring a positive outcome.


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