Death toll in train crash in Pakistan rises to 63

A Pakistani official announced Tuesday that at least 63 people were at the … Train accident In a remote area in the southern Pakistani province of Sindh, on Monday.

The deputy head of Sindh Province, Othman Abdullah, published two lists of the dead, including 12 unknowns, die died in the accident that occurred early Monday when a train derailed and collided with another train from the opposite direction.

The previous number was 43 deaths.

Pakistani engineers worked Tuesday to die Remove debris from both trains. Aid workers said bodies were still being pulled from the destroyed vehicles at night.

“This is the biggest accident I have in mean fast I’ve seen ten years of service, “railway engineer Jahan Zeb told AFP.

The Melt Express was on its way from Karachi to Sargodha when he in near Daharki in Sindh Province derailed while the Sir Syed Express from Rawalpindi minutes later in die opposite direction, which resulted in a collision.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was “shocked”. “I have ordered a comprehensive investigation into the lack of safety on the train,” he confirmed on Monday on his official Twitter account.

Are train accidents in Pakistan often because the extensive rail and train network dates back to the British colonial times. The thousands of kilometers long network was damaged due to corruption, mismanagement and a lack of investment in neglected in this area for decades.

In 1990 two trains collided in the province of Sindh in Near the city of Sukkur, more than 300 people were killed and 700 others injured when an overcrowded convoy of 16 wagons collided with a freight train.

Arrived in a fire in October 2019 in At least 75 people died on their train from Karachi to Rawalpindi.

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