“Debacle of Germany’s Top Bank Shares: Heightened Worries about the Stability of Europe’s Banking Industry”

Markets and investors’ attention has shifted to Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank, after its share has fallen in the current period in light of concerns about the stability of the European banking sector.

And the economic agency Bloomberg said that shares of Deutsche Bank came under strong pressure after the high cost of insurance against default risks for the German bank.

Today, Friday, by 14:51 Moscow time, the shares of the German bank fell by 13.15% to 8.11 euros, and before that, the shares fixed 7.99 euros, which is the lowest share price in almost 5 months.

Shares of Deutsche Bank ended trading on the US markets yesterday with a sharp drop of 6.13% to $9.65, according to Bloomberg data.

Stocks have been on the downside for several days now, and in a bid to reassure the German bank, which has recovered from a series of crises in recent years, today announced that it would buy second-degree bonds ahead of schedule, but this move did not help support the German bank’s shares, which continued to decline today.

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