Debating Skyrim’s Worst Quest: Players Choose the Most Disappointing Missions in Bethesda RPG

Skyrim’s Worst Quests: A Fiery Debate Among Players

Are you bored while waiting for Starfield? SO this thread may help you have fun waiting for. The players are indeed debating a question that torments many fans Bethesda RPGs : which is skyrim’s worst quest ?

Skyrim’s Worst Quest?

Players go wild in fiery discussions to elect the worst quest of the fifth Elder Scrolls adventure. For more than a decade, the game has continued to attract fans, but that does not mean that some elements of the game do not leave something to be desired! The community of fans of Skyrim got into a fiery debate to determine the cult game’s worst quest. Among the contenders for the inglorious title, the quest “The Taste of Death” is well placed within players’ least favorite quests. Low-Cat-1274, a user of , pointed out this disturbing quest where players find themselves immersed in a ritual of Namira, the goddess of depravity, and become … cannibals ! An experience that sends shivers down the spine and explains why this player refuses to touch it again. If others have retorted that they enjoyed being able to feed on NPCs, mostly because it allows them to eat in survival mode added in 2017 in the game. If on does not play in this mode, however, cannibalism is of little interest, which explains why the players are not fans of the quest.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood? Never !

But this quest is not alone in the pantheon of disappointments. Other quests participate in the competition for the unenviable title of the worst mission. “No Stone Unturned” is one of the most criticized targets. Indeed, this is the quest asking you to collect all Barenziah Stones, a long and tedious task, whose reward is not really up to the expectations of the players. The quest for destroy the Dark Brotherhood is not unanimous either, just like the entire Thieves Guild questline or those of Companions who have disappointed some players with their bland scenarios and their repetitive mechanics. Without forgetting the Mara quest where to get married, a sentimental chore for some adventurers. In general, players discuss quest rewardsand sometimes equilibrium risk/reward Or quest interest/reward is not really favorable, according to them …

Players eager to put the main on Starfield

Some players still have defended some quests over the comments on Reddit. There are also advice, to make certain quests more fun or easier. But behind this contest of the worst quests, eyes are already looking forward to the future. Indeed, the Bethesda’s next RPG, Starfield, makes the community salivate. The promise of an unprecedented spatial experience with over 1000 planets to explore excites players seeking interstellar adventures. While Skyrim continues to divide opinionsit is above all a way of change your mind for the most impatient players, before the galactic challenge that awaits them in Starfield. A few days ago, on told you that some players had already been able to touch the game, on So understand that others are just as impatient…

See you on September 6 on Xbox Series and PC to enjoy Bethesda’s new RPG, Starfield.

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