Decisive derby between Egypt and Sudan in Group D of African Nations

Garoua: The date of the African Nations Cup is renewed with one of the classic comparisons of the continental competition, where the Egyptian team will meet their Sudanese counterpart tomorrow, Wednesday, at the conclusion of the matches between the two teams of Group D in the stage group of the tournament currently in course in Cameroon. After Nigeria secured first place in the group from the last round, and then officially qualified for the tournament playoffs, after scoring 6 points in the first two rounds, the conflict is now confined between Egypt and Sudan, as well to Guinea Bissau to accompany the team (Green Soaring Eagles) in the forward group on that group. The Egyptian side are second in the group standings with 3 points, two points clear of third Guinea-Bissau, which has a goal difference ahead of the last Sudanese team in ranking, with a tie point. The Egyptian team, holder of the record By number of league wins with 7 titles, he absorbed the shock of a 1-0 defeat to Nigeria in the first round, after beating Guinea Bissau by the same score in the second round last Saturday. while the Sudanese team failed to score any win in the first two rounds, where they started their group campaign with a 0-0 draw with Guinea-Bissau, before losing 1/3 to Nigeria. The Nile Valley derby between Egypt and Sudan is considered the most prestigious derby in the history of the African Nations Cup, especially since they participated in the first edition of the tournament, launched in 1957 with Ethiopia, after the three countries founded the Confederation of African Football (CAF), in collaboration with South Africa, which was barred from participating in African Nations until 1996 due to its apartheid policy. The Egyptian team has the best chance of moving on to the next round, as second in the group, to meet the leaders of the fifth group in the round of 16, especially since a tie point is enough to officially obtain second place. even if Guinea-Bissau wins over Nigeria in the other match of the group, which is played with the same timing, given that in that moment will equal 4 points, but the Egyptians will have the advantage of winning the head to head over Guinea-Bissau. Egypt’s victory over Sudan will not be enough to give them the lead in the group, even if Nigeria loses in the other game, and the Egyptian and Nigerian teams are tied in the balance of 6 points, in how much the preference will be for the Nigerians for their superiority in the direct confrontation on the team of the Pharaohs. Furthermore, the defeat against Sudan may not prevent Egypt from qualifying for the next round by being among the prime 4 third-place finishers in the six groups in the first round, and therefore meeting the leaders of the first or second group in the next round, but on the condition that Guinea-Bissau stumbles against Nigeria. In this case, Sudan will jump to second place with four points, while Egypt will still have 3 points to become third, while Guinea-Bissau will be in bottom, where he will have two points if he draws with Nigeria. The Sudanese team, which won the title in 1970, on the other hand, has no alternative but to win, as most likely a tie point will not be enough to reach the round of 16, even if Guinea-Bissau loses against Nigeria, where they will have only two points. and a large percentage This balance will not be enough to be among the top triads. This will be the sixth meeting between Egypt and Sudan in the African Nations, in how much is the first in 14 years, in which the Egyptian team got 3 wins against one win for the team (Suqur Al-Jedyan), while the draw ended with a single match. This is the second confrontation between the two teams in about a month and a half, after they had already met in the group stage of the Arabian Cup, hosted last month by the Qatari capital Doha, and the meeting ended in a landslide victory. for Egypt 5-0 over Sudan. This serious loss was one of the reasons that contributed to the departure of the French coach Hubert Velud from the Sudanese team, which led to participate in the African Nations after an absence of 10 years, so much so that the local manager Burhan Tiye took in load the team in its succession. (Dpa)