‘Dedicated to hate’: what us know on the accused Waukesha massacre

Darrell Brooks, accused with killing five people and injuring 50 more driving his SUV at a high altitude speed in a Christmas parade in Wisconsin has a strange mix of beliefs, being pro-Hitler and BLM, and fiercely anti-white and Jewish.

As soon as he had the pictures of a red SUV whizzing through a small Christmas parade of the US city, with Dancing Grannies and children the musical band playing ‘Jingle Bells’ was shared in all the world what an aspirant rapper Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was under arrest and its social media pores over like never before.

Five people place dead and nearly 50 were injured after Brooks was convicted of sex offenses who performs his music under the name ‘MathBoi Fly’, he drove his car in the crowd in Waukesha, sending bodies in flight and participants in leak for their lives.

While the local police slapped the handcuffs on Brooks, the content of his social media reports have been exposed, proving deeply disturbing post supporting riots, aggression of police and white people, and hateful tropes of Jews, LGBTs community and also Barack Obama. Like one we website let’s face it, Brooks seemed “devoted to hate”.

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Assault rule: How the racial unrest plaguing America is fueled

Assault rule: How the racial unrest plaguing America is fueled

Brooks also posted his support for Hitler, praising the dictator’s anti-Semitic views and sharing memes that repeated the more bizarre claims about Jews that usually worry far-right extremists.

Long with his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, him also shared a made-up meme of a black overseer beating white people picking cotton while a benevolent Martin Luther King watched over the scene, and there were a lot of them of others post who share the more extremely racially divided opinions on law enforcement and the black community.

Brooks recorded one video admitting the sex trafficking of an underage girl in Nevada, with which had a baby when he was 15, but he acquitted himself of every fault, claiming: “I did not know the bitch was 16 at the time. In another video he sings on the kidnapping e murder while posing in front of an SUV that looks similar to the one rode through the Waukesha Christmas Parade.

While now he faces five counts of voluntary homicide when it appears in court today, this is the latest in a long run of offenses, from resisting arrest, failure to register as a sex offender, charges of strangulation and suffocation, skipped bail, disorderly conduct and beatings.

Only last the tattooed local from Milwaukee week made $ 1,000 security deposit over allegations of domestic violence allegedly involving him in execution over the mother of one of his children with his car and the police are considering whether Brooks was involved in another domestic disturbance just before the atrocity.

That bail was set to such a small sum that the Milwaukee County District Attorney is now investigating, in particular in light of Brooks’ arrest record. And while this is certainly a question that needs urgent answer, investigators are … more interested in far more simple question about the man who led horror in Central America on Sunday: Why did he do it?

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