– Added new pass for procedural setup to prevent issues when generating objects in caves
– Fixed a bug where plaguehearts deposited in the drop pod triggered tentacles to come out of Molly
– Fixed a bug with the Assignment Board not showing the correct mission icons
– Fixed Huuli Hoarder screaming after dying
– Fixed being able to carry objects and fly on the cave angels at the same time (The prompt to ride it should no longer show, if you are carrying an item)
– Fixed a bug with The Abyss headwear not showing any eyebrows
– Fixed some translated strings
– Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors
– Fixed the % number on the minigun ammo display not updating directly after resupplying, but only after firing the gun
– Fixed inconsistent comma separator when using mineral trade terminal
– Fixed the heat/ammo counter on the Cryo Cannon Milspec framework
– Fixed Party Hat – Year Two headwear changing hair color depending on skin color selection
– Fixed player characters rolling eyes when reloading
– Attempted to fix biotank stuck bug
– Fixed debris lights on Plague areas
– Improved small meteorite carving when falling through terrain multiple times
– Fixed plaguehearts having the wrong icon
– Fixed carving for facility data vault
– Fixed a bug when trying to shoot while using Hold to Sprint for clients
– Hot rock no longer shows up as a status effect (No red lighting icons on enemies)
– Added logic for the rock cracker pods to avoid refinery pipes
– Fixed Bosco ending up in a weird state when picking up pinged things before Bosco can get to them
– Fixed Bosco sometimes making large items fall out of the map
– Fixed bug where Deep Dives with Industrial Sabotage could be ended before completing both missions causing the Deep Dive to fail
– Controller Options: 1. Moved ‘Swap Left/Right’, ‘Turn 180 Degrees’, ‘Previous Item’, ‘Open Chat’ from Controller Bindings to Controller. 2. Turn 180 Degrees is now off by default