Deep tunnels and missile travel .. A mask presenting his vision of the future surrounded by candles

On Monday, Elon Musk presented a vision of the future, sitting in the dark, wearing his traditional Indonesian batik shirt and surrounded by candles, including his visions of aliens, deep tunnels and tourist missile flights.

The billionaire and the new Twitter owner appeared as if he were disembodied in a video link on Monday to address business people in Bali on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Only his face and hands were visible against a black background.

“Three minutes before this call, our electricity was cut off. That’s why I’m in the dark,” said Indonesian businessman Anindia Bakari.

When Musk was asked why he didn’t go to the Indonesian island, he joked that “the workload has increased a lot recently” after acquiring the platform. social Twitter.

He had nothing more to say about the controversial acquisition that resulted in the layoff of thousands of employees and the charging of fees for verified accounts. But he supported the increase in the duration of the videos on Twitter and the increase in revenue from post of the creators.

With Twitter aside, the conversation turned to more complex topics, such as digging deep underground tunnels to combat traffic jams, traveling with missiles. in Worldwide in less than an hour and discover extraterrestrial life in space.


“We could find strange civilizations or discover civilizations that existed millions of years ago,” he said.

“I think going there and exploring the galaxy will be very interesting,” he added.

Then the head of the manufacturer of auto Tesla talks about the advantages of underground tunnels over auto flying to combat traffic jams, saying that the auto “would fall in head “and they would be poor in terms of privacy.

“The auto and tunnels are definitely the answer to the worst traffic jams that can happen in any city, because you can go down as many layers as you want until the congestion disappears, “added Musk.

Apart from his “optimistic” view of the future of Indonesia as a country in via development, the intervention focused primarily on his strange and bold vision of the future of the Earth.

Jakarta asked Elon Musk to use Indonesia as a launch site for the “SpaceX” missile, citing the advantages of a site close to the equator.

But Musk said he’d like to build rocket launchers in all over the world that would allow people to travel “to the other side of the world” at 20 times the speed of sound.

“I think the world would really open up if I could travel anywhere in less than an hour, “he said.

But despite all his daring dreams about the future, Musk, the richest man in the world, couldn’t help but joke that he too is at the mercy of the energy ups and downs on Earth.

“I just watch this video and it’s very strange. I’m sitting here in the dark surrounded by candles. It’s the funniest thing,” he said.

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