Deepika Padukone launches ‘Care Package’ at Clubhouse;

Internationally acclaimed artist, fashion and youth icon and mental health advocate from India, Deepika Padukone has launched ‘Care Package’ on her social media page. The first of its kind festival will take place on 20th July, 2021 from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on the popular social networking app, Clubhouse. The ‘Care Package’ will be a box filled with carefully curated conversations and performances by Deepika Padukone from leaders across the globe who will prioritize ‘Care’.

With meaningful interactions, ‘Care Package’ boasts of a line-up that includes Jay Shetty, Radhi Devlukia, Jovani Verelan (Founder, The Artidot), Aarti Ramamurthy (Head of International, Clubhouse), Sriram Krishnan, Paul Davison, Raghav Contains conversationalists like KK. Also, Prateek Kuhad’s heartwarming performance will be seen.

The festival will revolve around 3 themes which will be discussed by the speakers with the audience. These three themes are prominently – “My Relationship with Self-Care”, with speakers featuring Deepika Padukone, Aarti Ramamurthy, Raghav KK and Sriram Krishnan, “Breathe, by the Artidot” by Jova Ferreira and the last, “Love and Care”. – How is it different” will be featured by Deepika Padukone, Jay Shetty, Radhi Devlukia, Aarti Ramamurthy and Sriram Krishnan.

Deepika announced about the initiative on her social media and shared, “I’m super excited to launch ‘Care Package’ – An Audio-First Festival that Cares!

This package, curated by me, is a box full of conversations and performances from thought leaders around the world that prioritise ’Care’.

Join me Today, 20th July, from 7PM-8.30PM IST on Clubhouse!

Over the years, Deepika Padukone has led conversations on the importance of mental health, self-care, overall wellbeing, has been able to successfully engage with audiences on less spoken topics and stigmas associated with mental illness in India. helped break it.

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