Entertainment Deepika Padukone reveals the title of Chhapaak at the...

Deepika Padukone reveals the title of Chhapaak at the start


Deepika Padukone is currently doing everything in her power to promote her next release, Chhapaak from Meghna Gulzar, where she will be seen playing a survivor of an acid attack. Inspired by the life of Laxmi Agarwal, Chhapaak is ready to hit the big screen next Friday. Today, the creators launched the title song of the film in the presence of the cast, Laxmi Agarwal, the lyricist Gulzar and the musical directors Shankar And Loy of the trio Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. Deepika revealed an interesting anecdote related to the film. She said that Chhapaak was not the original title of the film. He was previously called Gandhak but director Meghna Gulzar came up with the proposal to change the title.

Deepika said: “An earlier film was called Gandhak and during the process, Meghna Gulzar ji decided that we should change the title. She called me one day and asked why do you want to change the title? Everyone will understand this title. She said I want to use the movie title in a song and that song becomes the soul of the movie, becomes the thread that ties the whole movie together and Chhapaak. I can be honest I don’t had no faith in the title when I was she talked about it and she knows it. I was like ok yeah, you are the director you decide. But I think it ended up growing on me and today I can see her vision and today I can understand why she wanted Chhapaak’s word. “

Chhapaak will hit theaters on January 10 and will also star Vikrant Massey in the lead.

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