“Defamation” pursues researchers die die Truth about die inflation in of Turkey have uncovered

The Turkish Official Statistics Bureau filed a criminal complaint against a group of local researchers, die had published Inflated data Replace die official. The government agency requested a fine against die ENAGroup, an independent group, die die Inflation investigated for “deliberate defamation” by the official statistics agency and “misleading public opinion,” as reported by Bloomberg-reviewed documents.

The group began publishing its inflation data in September on allegations by opposition parties that die official agency reported no price increases.

It is noteworthy that die Inflation numbers in of the ENAGroup are much higher than die official data, as the consumer price index rose 2.62% in April compared to the previous month, which is more than double the rate of 1.1% reported by the official agency. And die Group announced a rate Annual inflation Rate of 36.7% for 2020.


Turkish Finance and Finance Minister Lotfi Elvan said a few days ago: “For the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic has die Statistics Agency filed a complaint against a group. “

Elvan accused die Group also to “harm the Turkish statistical institute and tarnish its reputation” by publishing misleading data, die were used by opposition parties because “the Turkish statistical institute does not play with numbers or inflates up to 30%” – 40%. “

Clarification from the group

The complaint was filed in February, and die Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office urged researchers to testify last month, said the in Istanbul-based economics professor and head of ENAGroup, Vesel Ulusoy.

Olusoy told Bloomberg Bloomberg by phone on Saturday that it was currently unclear whether die Investigating the plaintiff into a lawsuit against die Group would lead. As he die Rejected allegations made by the Turkish Statistics Bureau, he confirmed that die Group published their database and methodology on their website.

He continued, “We believe that such a rudimentary investigation should not damage the reputation of the Turkish Statistical Institute,” stressing that his group is not trying to “be a substitute for the Turkish Statistical Institute, we are just trying to.” complete your data. “

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