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defect of match-practice can even hurt world-Class players like Virat, Rohit: Vengsarkar


Kohli-led India reached England on Thursday (June 3rd) and left in a three-day quarantine in Southampton, the venue for die eagerly awaited match from June 18th.

your opponents New Zealand, on on the other hand, they are committed in a two test series against England, that first of what would finish on Sunday (June 6th).

Vengsarkar, loc veteran of 116 tests said that Kohli and Rohit are in very good Form, but lack of Competition time in die Middle could affect yours performance at least in die Tour opening WTC final.

“Well, he (Kohli) was already there for a long time. He (Kohli) is one of the best Batsmen in world cricket at the moment. player like Virat or Rohit Sharma, that’s them world class players, they take a lot of Proud in you performance and proud in win matches for India.

“It is a good Thing and both is in very good form. But after saying that, I think it’s missing of match practice can hurt them in the first exam match that’s what I feel, “Vengsarkar, the former Chairperson of Selectors, said PTI on Sunday (June 6th) on request how important Kohlis role will be in the clash.

Vengsarkar reckoned that New Zealand could have a small advantage since they are already in die Zone competitive.

“India is better team and in great form. The advantage with New Zealand, it’s a low profile team, die Thing is that they arrive play two test matches before the test match (Test World Championship final).

“So it’s important … it’s a little bit of an advantage for New Zealand … because they have already played two tests matches before You start (of the WTC final) they are on die Conditions acclimatized “, calculated Vengsarkar.

“What I am feeling is that India should have played games, You know matches, at least two-three games before the test match (WTC) to join die Conditions to get used to. “

The former captain believes that even die Bowlers will do it should have some practice Before the game.

“It is advisable, play matches and spend time in die Middle, both for Batsman as well for Bowler. A match practice is ultimate, maybe you have net practice, You know a match Suggestion, however playing a match in die Spend middle and time in die middle always helps if you play the big game,” he said former Batsman, who has three centuries at Lord’s.

Kohli, during the upcoming pre-departure press conference of the WTC final and subsequent five-test series against Host England had said that lack of practice wasn’t like that issue how fast all players in the side to have past experience of playing Here.

“…in the past we landed in Places three days in advance in a right schedule and had die hell of series and hell of competition, also is everything in the head,” he had said.

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