Defection and rehabilitation … a special mission for the Somali youth movement

While rehabilitation opens a window for the escape of Somali youth from jihadists and murder nightmares haunt the deserters of the Somali youth movement, poverty, unemployment, insecurity and loss of a sense of humanity constitute an ideal recipe for the “Somali Youth Movement” which attracts young people in and out of the country, and promises them to implement Islamic law sooner When they discover they have fallen in a huge trap, they look for an opportunity to escape.

The Somali militant group Al-Shabab, founded in 2007, is no longer consistent since Somali and African forces have stepped up attacks on the movement’s strongholds in southern Somalia, in addition to US air raids. The movement also clashed with several tribes after imposing royalties or what is known locally as zakat on their livestock, which led to the emergence of armed tribal militias; Al-Shabaab fighters clashed on multiple fronts, which led to the reduction of its influence in many areas in the south of the country and defections in its ranks. Poverty and widespread unemployment among Somali youth, which reaches seventy percent, are two main factors that push young people to fall into the arms of the jihadist movement, which promises them financial temptations before they are brainwashed. in specialized centers. However, coercion has become the only weapon used by the movement in recent times to recruit young people, after it failed to spread its ideology. Because of his attacks they don’t distinguish between a military and a civilian.

The recent flight of the movement’s fighters and their surrender to the government is a notable phenomenon. Taking advantage of this, presidential decrees were issued to forgive all those who voluntarily abandon the ideology of the movement. On the other hand, security officials have warned of the danger of complacency with “repentants”, because they differ between those who are at high risk and those who are at low risk.

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