Defects of the Democratic Representative of Texas to the Republicans over definancing of police, border crisis

Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen announced his defection from the Democratic Party to the Republicans this week, citing his opposition to democratic politics on southern border and stealing funds from the police.

Guillen revealed on Monday he would seek re-election in 2022 as a Republican, announcing that his “fiscally conservative, pro-business, and the pro-life values ​​are gone in-step with the Democratic Party of today.”

He added that values of the seated Democrats in the capital was not the values of “most Texans”, And in particular noted the “ideology of defining the police, destroying the oil and gas industry and opening our borders “ as democratic values ​​they have had “Disastrous consequences” in South Texas – located on the southern border with Mexico.

“I have found that my core beliefs align with the Republican Party. I’m sure mine switch today is right decision” Guillen concluded.

by Guillen announcement was celebrated by Republicans, including GOP President Ronna McDaniel and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who both welcomed him in party.

Abbott also accused the Democratic Party of abandoning the people of Southern Texas.

Fellow state representative Chris Turner, however, accused he of submitting to the Republicans after redesigning his district.

“The Republicans have cynically gutted the Rep. Guillen district in the reorganization process, showing complete disrespect for both he and his constituents … Usually, people in Ryan’s position would choose to fight. Instead, he chose to join they,” Turner stated.

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