Defense of Russia: System "shell" Shows 100% effectiveness in special operation

The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Pantsir missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems demonstrated 100 percent effectiveness during the special operation in Ukraine.

He explained that the system’s instruments monitor the airspace around it at a distance of up to tens of kilometers, capture targets and determine their type, whether they are airplanes, helicopters or drones. As for the commander of the “Pantsir” platform, he decides to fire and destroy the target when it enters his area of ​​responsibility.

In addition, the Pantsir is equipped with thermal imaging devices that allow it to determine what type of explosive the target is carrying or whether it is carrying nothing, since it performs reconnaissance and observation tasks.

“Pantsir” with equal efficiency destroys a combat helicopter and a small quadrocopter, which the Ukrainian army can use for reconnaissance purposes.

The missile launched by the complex accelerates to a speed of 4000 km / h and explodes the warhead near the target, forming a ring of striking elements that cuts the aircraft or missile into two parts.

The “Pantsir” has 12 missiles, as well as two automatic cannons designed to deal with rockets and rockets. The Pantsir complexes have shown maximum effectiveness in the fight against anti-radar missiles, since they are aimed at air defense systems.

Source: Russian newspaper