Demonstrations are scheduled for today in Khartoum and in the Sudanese states

New demonstrations will begin today, Thursday, in the capital, Khartoum, and in some Sudanese states, demanding the transfer of power to civilians.

The correspondent of “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” in Sudan said the demonstrations coincide with the third anniversary of June 30, 2019, which represented a milestone in reaching a political agreement between the military and civilians after the fall of the Omar al-Bashir regime.

The coordination of resistance committees in the capital, Khartoum, identified the presidential palace as a common destination for demonstrations, which they called the “Million Dawn of Salvation “to achieve five goals, the first of which is the formation of a civilian government.

The coordination has identified 5 main collection points in the various locations of Khartoum, where, according to the data, the demonstrators will have to cross the bridges of “Al-Mak Nimr, East Nile and Medical Weapon”, which are among the bridges that the authorities they announced their closure.

The Khartoum State Security Committee, which announced the closure of all bridges connecting the cities of the capital, with the exception of the Halfaya and Soba bridges, called on the demonstrators, in statements to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, to join the pace and not allow saboteurs to enter in among them and warned them not to approach sovereign sites, in At the time, the police forces announced their commitment to protect peaceful and professional demonstrations and exercise restraint while preserving the right to self-defense, and called on demonstration leaders to adhere to peaceful and democratic expression in the squares and squares. public.

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In turn, a number of Sudanese political parties and forces, led by the Communist Party and those affiliated with the Central Council for Freedom and Change Alliance, have called for demonstrations.

Externally, the EU delegation and the embassies of the Troika and ten countries in Khartoum called on the Sudanese authorities to guarantee freedom of expression and the obligation to protect civilians.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, UN Special Envoy Volker Peretz also called on the security system to exercise restraint, not to use violence, to avoid provocation and to guarantee the right of peaceful expression. which prompted the Sudanese Foreign Ministry to summon him and inform him of the government’s dissatisfaction and the rejection of his declarations because they harm and protect the Sudanese sovereignty – as they described it.

The commander in Army chief, Lieutenant General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, said there is no objection to the exercise of the right to peaceful expression.

Al-Burhan, who indicated that the military are looking forward to the day in who will see an elected national government from which to shoulder the burden of running Sudan, stressed at the same time that the only way to do this is through a global national consensus framework or by going to elections and not by calls for demonstrations and sabotage, such as described by a circular The Office of the Spokesperson of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

For its part, the United States of America was not satisfied with the declaration of its embassy in Khartoum: the Undersecretary of State for African Affairs, Molly, made contact with the President of the Sovereignty Council and the leaders of the Forces for Freedom and Change and the Revolutionary Front, in which stressed the need for all parties to continue their efforts in course to restore a civilian-led transition process through the political process, which the tripartite mechanism is facilitating between the Sudanese sides.

Molly Fey also welcomed Al-Burhan’s pledge to lead the security forces to allow Sudanese to exercise their right to a peaceful assembly during today’s demonstrations. in attuned to the commitment of civilian leaders to exercise their rights peacefully, while stressing that they do not allow what he described as spoilers to use today’s demonstrations to undermine progress in restoring the transition.

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