Dems want Pegasus and other spyware manufacturers punished – media

A group of US lawmakers want put penalties on leading spyware company, including the beleaguered Israeli group NSO, the manufacturer of the Pegasus hack kit, Reuters reported.

Other goals for Potential US sanctions include UAE spyware maker DarkMatter and European companies Nexa Technologies and Trovicor, which also offer customers electronic surveillance services, the news agency She said.

A group of 18 Democratic lawmakers, including Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, sent a letter to the Treasury Department and the State Department calling for sanctions against listed companies. Reuters read the letter and spoke to some of its sponsors.

The proposed sanctions would be put in place in place under the so-called Global Magnitsky Act 2016, a legal act framework which authorizes the USA government to punish the parties everywhere in the world accused of human rights violations. Punishments include freezing of assets and travel restrictions. The petitioners said from cutting they off from US investments e financial services, the penalties would be “send a clear signal to surveillance technology industry” on how to better control their customers.

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Pegasus spyware linked to Israel blames Palestinian rights NGOs as terrorists - report

Pegasus spyware linked to Israel blames Palestinian rights NGOs as terrorists – report

“These surveillance mercenaries have sold their services to authoritarian regimes with long discs of violations of human rights, granting extensive spying powers to tyrants “, Wyden told Reuters.

“Predictably, those nations used surveillance tools lock up, torture and murder journalists and human rights defenders “, he added. “The Biden administration has the chance spin off the tap of US dollars and help put them out of business for good. “

The manufacturer of Pegasus NSO Group is already targeted by US restrictions. In November it was added to the so-called Entity List, and now it requires a special permission to acquire supplies or services from US suppliers. Reportedly, the Israeli company on the hem of being shut down completely in half of a number of scandals and cause lawyers surrounding her global hack-for-assume business.

DarkMatter has been mentioned in judgement last Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) privacy defense week on behalf of Saudi human rights activist Loujain AlHathloul. The lawsuit accuses the company and three of his former senior executives, who I am former US intelligence agents, of hack AlHathloul’s iPhone illegally. The surveillance program called Project Raven era first exposed by Reuters in 2019.

Nexa Technologies, formerly known as Amesys, is accused of provision of surveillance technology in Libya under Muammar Gaddafi e in Egypt under Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. It would have been used for spying on and persecute dissidents e critics of their respective governments. In June, four executives were indicted in France with complicity in torture and enforced disappearances.

Trovicor, a decommissioned unit of German-finish venture Nokia Siemens Networks, has been charged of doing likewise tainted business with governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Yemen, among others.

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