Denmark decides to automatically grant asylum to Afghan women

Denmark decided on Monday to automatically grant asylum to women and girls in Afghanistan on the basis of their gender, due to the decline of their rights since the return of the Taliban to power in the country.

“The decision is based on information regarding the continued deterioration of the living conditions of women and girls in Afghanistan,” said the Danish Refugee Committee in a statement, citing a recently published report by the European Asylum Agency.

“This report indicates that the situation of a number of groups of people in Afghanistan, in particularly women and girls, amounts to persecution under the Refugee Convention,” he added.

According to the committee, five pending cases of Afghan women will be granted asylum in based on the new decision.

Commission will also review cases involving Afghan women denied asylum after the Taliban came to power, with a view to granting a residence permit to those concerned in based on the new decision (about 10 cases).

It will also review all cases involving Afghan males (about 30 cases) who were denied asylum on the same date.

Since returning to power in August 2021, the Taliban has gradually curtailed the freedoms won by women in the two decades following the fall of their former regime in 2001.

In addition to being denied the right to studiowomen are also barred from performing most public jobs.

Women can only travel with a male relative and must wear a burqa or headscarf when leaving the house.

In late December, the Taliban authorities ordered local and foreign NGOs not to hire women after “serious complaints” about their dress, four days after banning classes at universities for the same reasons.

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