Denmark summons Russian ambassador for violation of airspace

On Sunday, Danish Foreign Minister Yeppe Kofod announced that Copenhagen had condemned the violation of Danish airspace by a Russian reconnaissance plane and had summoned the Russian ambassador for the incident.

“The Russian ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry tomorrow,” Yebi Kofod wrote on Twitter. “Another Russian violation of Danish airspace, this is totally unacceptable and worrying, especially in the current situation,” she added.

The incident occurred on Friday evening when a Russian reconnaissance plane flew into Danish airspace east of Bornholm (Danish island) before entering Swedish airspace.

The Swedish Defense Ministry spoke on Saturday about the last part of these events, Saturday. “It’s a reconnaissance plane that has been in our airspace for a very short time,” Henrik Mortensen, the Danish Defense Ministry’s press officer, told AFP.

“Two Danish F-16s immediately intervened,” he added.

The Russian plane then left Danish airspace.

Mortensen pointed out that this type of accident is “rare”.

Unlike Sweden, where the question is in discussion, Denmark is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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