DeSantis Challenges Trump and GOP’s Relief Efforts in Upcoming Election

Republican Ron DeSantis Announces Presidential Candidacy

Republican Ron DeSantis officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States through a Twitter conversation with Elon Musk, launching his battle, which is expected to be fierce against Donald Trump, but not his excesses.

An Unusual Launch Format

The choice of this format to launch the campaign is unusual. And Elon Musk has expressed his satisfaction with this option.

“It’s the first time we’ll test something like this on a social network”, he said.

He promised “a conversation that includes questions and answers in real-time, unscripted.” However, the billionaire, known for his vague political stances, made it clear that this conversation should not be considered a sponsorship.

DeSantis Challenges Trump for Republican Nomination

The governor of Florida is Donald Trump’s main challenger for the Republican nomination.

The winner of this November 2024 primary will run against the candidate chosen by the Democratic Party, most likely Joe Biden.

DeSantis’ Ultra-Conservative Positions

DeSantis gained popularity by taking ultra-conservative positions on education or immigration.

He transformed his state in a laboratory of conservative ideas in name of the battle against what he considers “the alleged common sense”.

Obstacles and Challenges Ahead

But his path to the White House is fraught with obstacles. The governor, in which a large number of conservatives pinned their hopes on the presidential election after his re-election in Florida in November 2022, precedes him, by a wide margin, by Donald Trump, officially nominated since November 16, 2022, according to a series of opinion polls.