Despite 2050: survive the winter

Snow has come to that
New Frontier, and it has brought with it some fearsome enemies …

You grab your gear and hop in your Duni Shetarru AWD for a normal day chasing Arkfalls to sell new technology. As you move on, you’ll notice a new terraforming anomaly – it’s snowing! Suddenly, an ark crashes down from the ark belt and lands in the wintry landscape, and there’s not much time to get there before some kind of bad guys show up to claim their rewards. Lock and load Arkhunter, because this winter is not a wonderland, and the Volge are on their way to defeat everyone on their way.

The Solstice Strike event will be active for four weeks Despite 2050 brings icy snowy landscapes and murderous crowd. Do you have what it takes to take down these enemies and snatch your gear before more appear? And what’s wrong with the Warmaster? It seems particularly … frosty.

What could it be worth competing against the crowd you’re asking? This event will bring new rewards, contracts, pursuits, prototypes and more!

Warm up your weapon with the new one
Frigid Impact Mod Fusion to protect against cold wind. This new type of fusion
will use the power of your shield to inflict massive damage on enemies. once
If your shield is broken, you will damage all enemies around you!

If groundbreaking technology is your thing
Familiarize yourself with the synergy of Aegis. These synergy crystals improve yours
Shield to Skills Never Seen Before. Increase your regeneration rate
Providing a significant braking force that is proportional to your shield
currently have!

The Christmas spirit has reached paradise with the prototype of the Cheer Cannon. Stop Volge’s grin with this brand new rocket launcher that creates a festive Christmas spirit. These trees pierce all enemies and explode on impact with another surface. Get this prototype from the Paradise provider during the event and let your Christmas trees fly!

Would you like to enjoy the festive atmosphere with other Arkhunters? Then sit by the fire with us, enjoy the holiday mood and defeat all grumpy grinches and grab fantastic Christmas gifts!

Happy Holidays!!!

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