Despite Johnson’s apology, the opposing side surrounded him and demanded his resignation

It appears that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attending a party in garden as the country imposes a coronavirus blockade in 2020, it will never go unnoticed.

The prime minister’s apology, presented today in front of deputies, did not satisfy him, as on Wednesday the leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer, called for Johnson’s resignation.

‘Lie and rude’

At his weekly government accountability session, Starmer considered Boris defending himself by saying he didn’t know he was at such an absurd party that it was, in reality, a euphemism of the minds of the British people.

“Will he have the courage to resign now?” He accused the Conservative leader of “lying shamelessly”.

And Starmer wasn’t alone: ​​Johnson now faces anger from the public and politicians over allegations that he and his staff violated restrictions by communicating and meeting during the shutdown.

“Apologies in hindsight”

Interestingly, Johnson first admitted today Wednesday that he attended a party in the garden of his Downing Street office in May 2020, although he said he regards it as a business meeting.

“I want to apologize,” Johnson told MPs in the House of Commons … In hindsight, I should have brought everyone back.

Conduct a behavior check after a violent party

Johnson, who won a landslide victory in the 2019 election, has come under close scrutiny over the past month after a video surfaced showing his staff laughing and joking about the 2020 Christmas party at closing time.

The revelation of a series of parties held in the cabinet office at the time of closure sparked public outrage and prompted Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, to say that Johnson did not have the moral authority to lead the village.

ITV reported that Johnson and his partner Carrie were in attendance at a party that also included 40 workers on May 20, 2020, after his private secretary, Marin Reynolds, sent via email the invitations to the party that took place in one moment in which schools were closed because in addition to restaurants and bars with strict restrictions on social gatherings.

The restrictions were so severe that the police chased people to celebrate and set up checkpoints.

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