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Despite the steep declines of 2022 … Bitcoin has achieved a return of more than 57,000% in 10 years

Since its inception, Bitcoin has seen many milestones, years of successes and rises, and others of failures and declines, and thanks to strong fluctuations, some of them have made their fortunes, while others have lost their savings.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t just hold up at this point, in how much also formed a long dispute case, in how much some countries have legally recognized it as an official currency, such as El Salvador, while getting closer it has been criminalized in other countries, such as China, while drug dealing was balanced, neither rationing nor criminalization in many countries.

In March 2010, Bitcoin started doing trading on the now defunct Bitcoin Market, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in absolute.

During its early days, a Florida man named Laszlo Hanich bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoin in May 2010, making it the first time anyone used the currency to buy anything.

In June 2011, Bitcoin experienced its first major price surge, leaping to $29.60 (from just $0.30 in January) before falling again later that year.

The second half of 2013 saw another big spike: from $68 on July 4 to $1,237 on December 3 before dropping again.

One of Bitcoin’s most significant increases occurred during 2017, as its value jumped from around $1,000 at the start of the year to $19,345 in mid-December.

It dropped sharply in 2018, leading to significant declines: Its lowest value was about $3,232 in December of that year.

In 2019, Bitcoin saw another rally, reaching $13,813 on June 26 before falling.

And after experiencing modest ups and downs through October 2020, Bitcoin’s value has started to rise again.

It reached an astronomical high of over $66,000 in November 2021.

And through more than 10 years of fluctuations, the total return of cryptocurrency in the last 10 years alone is still among the best investment returns in the world, even with the huge cryptocurrency losses in 2022, exceeding 54%, when the cryptocurrency it’s up 29.6% dollars to about $17,000 now, which represents a 10-year yield of 57,432%.

Here she is performance cryptocurrency annual report every year since 2011:

2022: in 54% drop

2021: 83% increase

2020: 305% increase

2019: 95% increase

2018: 74% drop

2017: 1375% increase

2016: 120% increase

2015: 36% increase

2014: 58% drop

2013: an increase of 5428%

2012: 218% increase

2011: 1317% increase

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