Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion will let you wield the Darkness as a weapon

Destiny 2’s new expansion, Beyond Light, will arrive on Sep. 22, and will present a new power, enabling Guardians to wield the Darkness as aweapon The power, understood as Tension, is rooted in the Darkness and marks the first time a new aspect has actually been added to the game given that the Destiny universe was produced.

The Darkness is Destiny’s supreme enemy that has actually been gradually crawling towards prominence in the current state of the game for years. Players all over the world have foiled the minions of the Darkness over and over again, however it would appear that the trespassing fleet of Pyramid Ships that is making its way into the solar system is now requiring the Guardians hand.

In clips show throughout the Bungie expose stream, we experienced the return of the Exo Complete Stranger, a character from the original game, has actually returned, and with her comes the chance to wield the of the universe’s ultimateenemy We didn’t get to see much throughout the expose stream, as Bungie does like to play their cards near its chest, however there was a great deal of enemy smashing going on as Guardians appeared to wield dual- energy axes to take their enemies apart.

We presume that the new power will mean brand name new skill trees and abilities for all Guardians, and more than likely some enjoyable story quests to get access to all of it. We will definitely be racing through the game to welcome the power of the Darkness when Beyond Light drops on Sep. 22.

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