Destiny 2 Dawning 2019 – Guide to ingredients, gifts and recipes

It’s this time of year when Destiny 2’s Tower smells and cheers of cookies! Dawning Winter Vacation 2019 is here, and Destiny’s most popular vacation provider, Eva Levante, Eva wants you to bake treats for all your allies around the world, but her recipe instructions aren’t exactly clear.

In this guide, we will help you bake every Eva recipe. Many of the recipes and ingredients are the same as last year. We have compiled a list of new and old recipes to help you complete Destiny 2’s recent vacation event.

Collect ingredients for the dawn program

An Eververse spirit in Destiny 2’s Dawning 2019, Image: Bungie

Eva Levante gives you some bounties that have certain ingredients as a reward, which is an easy way to guarantee a drop. However, you don’t have to spend bounties if you know how each ingredient is managed.

First, let’s list the unusual ingredients and find out where to find them.

Note: There are new ingredients for this year’s dawn. We will add them to our list as soon as we know how to get them.

Occasionally enemy ingredients

Regardless of their name, these unusual ingredients are easy to find and randomly added to your inventory when you kill certain enemy types.

  • Vex Milk – Collected by Vex, most commonly found on Io, Nessus, Mars, Mercury and the Tangled Shore
  • Stock ether – Fallen, most often found in the EDZ, the moon, on Nessus, Titan and the Tangled Shore
  • Cabal Oil – Collected by Cabal, most often in the EDZ, on Io, Mars, Mercury and the Tangled Shore
  • Chitin powder – Collected in Hive, most often on Titan, Mars, Tangled Shore, Moon and Dreaming City
  • Pickled butter – From Taken, most often found in the EDZ, collected on Io and the dream city
  • Dark ether stick – Collected by Scorn, most commonly found at the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City

Rare killing ingredients

You rarely earn these ingredients by killing enemies in a specific way. There are some of them. So you have to change your playing style to get an excess of everything.

  • Delicious explosions – Explosive kills of any kind (class grenade, rocket launcher, grenade launcher)
  • Pungent taste – Sword kills on any enemy type
  • Impossible heat – Solar killings with class skills or weapon elements
  • Electric aroma – Arc kills with class skills or weapon elements
  • Zero taste – Empty kills with class skills or weapon elements
  • Flash of inspiration – Generate orbs of light with master weapons or supers
  • Personal note – Melee hit on any enemy type
  • Perfect taste – Precision kills on every enemy type
  • bullet spray – kills with automatic weapons (heavy machine gun, automatic rifle, submachine gun)

Eva’s recipe list

Eva´s Holiday Oven 2.0 remembers all the recipes you made last year. Image: Bungie via polygon

Eva will give you a few recipes to get started as soon as you start looking, but far from enough to make gifts for all of your friends. Each recipe consists of an unusual ingredient, a rare ingredient and 15 essence of the morning – which you receive through completing activities around the world or through bounties. The longer or more difficult the activity, the more essence you get.

Open your quest menu for baking and interact with Evas Holiday Oven 2.0. Combine two ingredients and some Essence of Dawning to bake a treat. Once you’ve baked a recipe, add it to your recipe list in Eva’s oven. There you can easily bake another one without combining the ingredients.

Note: There are at least seven new recipes from last year. We will add them to our list as soon as we discover them.

  • Vanilla blades for Lord Shaxx – Cabal oil, pungent taste, essence of the morning
  • Gjallardoodles for Commander Zavala – ether tube, delicious explosion, essence of the morning
  • Eliksni bird food for Hawthorne – Aether tube, personal touch, essence of the morning
  • Chocolate ship biscuits for Amanda Holliday – Cabal Oil, Zero Taste, Essence of Dawning
  • Infinite Forest Cake for failsafe – Vex milk, impossible heat, essence of the morning
  • Gentleman’s shortbread for Devrim Kay – ether tube, perfect taste, essence of the morning
  • Burnt Edge Transits for Master Rahool – Cabal Oil, Personal Touch, essence of the morning
  • Traveler Donut Holes for Ikora – Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration, essence of the morning
  • Candy Dead Ghosts for the spider – Dark ether stick, flash of inspiration, essence of the morning
  • Telemetry tapioca for Banshee-44 – Vex Milk, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning
  • Radiolarian pudding for Asher Mir – Vex Milk, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning
  • Strange cookies for Xur – Pickled butter, electric aroma, essence of the morning
  • Alkane Dragee Cookies for Sloane – Chitin Powder, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning
  • Bad luck cookies for Petra Venj – Dark ether stick, impossible heat, essence of the morning
  • Speer Mooncake for Ana Bray – Chitin powder, pungent taste, essence of the morning
  • Dark chocolate motifs for the drifter – Pickled butter, zero taste, essence of the morning


Cold Front, a submachine gun, is the new Dawning weapon for 2019.Image: Bungie via polygon

When you give your first gift to Zavala, he will give you a gift. Go to your inventory and open it to get your first cold front submachine gun. If you continue to participate in The Dawning 2019, you can earn more cold front throws.

To get the Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow, you’ll need to complete Eva’s Spreading Cheer quest by baking 50 gifts (from last year if you played The Dawning 2018), Fractal Rolls for Brother Vance and Dark Chocolate Motes for The prowler.

We’re still figuring out how to earn all of Eva’s rewards this year. This manual will be updated as we get more information on The Dawning 2019.

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