Destiny 2 feels like it’s being maintained together with duct tape

Destiny 2, an online MMO looter shooter game that came out in 2017 and is free to play, is one of my favorite games. I play it over and over again. I play more than one role. I have all of the new seasons. It’s wonderful. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about the game’s future since it seems to break more often with each passing season. Even as I write this, around 4:00 p.m. on January 24, the game is still not working because Bungie is still looking into the latest problem. Many players are hoping for a completely new engine and game, most likely Destiny 3. Things are never that easy, though.

Destiny 2 was taken offline on all platforms earlier today while Bungie looked into why players were losing progress on triumphs and seals, which are like in-game challenges and achievements. It’s not the end of the world, but a few players said they lost their characters and all their progress and items just last week. Before that, players couldn’t get the right information about a new mission that was added. It was something else before that. After years of updates, expansions, and other changes, Destiny 2 feels like it’s starting to fall apart in 2023.

Look at Bungie’s official support account on Twitter, which is often updated to inform players about upcoming patches, server problems, and other important information about Destiny 2. You’ll see many tweets saying, “Well, this isn’t working. We’re working on it. “More info to come.” Not being able to play online games daily is nothing new, and it’s not just a problem with Destiny 2. But it’s becoming more of a problem as the shooter gets older. When you look at that support account, you can see that many tweets about bugs or broken missions don’t come weeks apart. Instead, they come a few days or less apart.

From my own experience, the bugs in Destiny 2 have been worse than ever lately. This new season brought both cool new heist missions and weird lag that I’ve never seen before. The game still doesn’t count every PvP match, so we have to pay more to finish challenges and weekly quests. And I’ve just come to terms with the fact that in-game bounties for kills, missions, and other things don’t always update when they should. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I and other players I know have just grown used to Destiny 2 not being reliable. And as the game grows and adds more layers and systems, it seems to get worse, not better.

If you go online, you’ll quickly find people saying Bungie needs to move on to a possible Destiny 3. This game is likely to happen and may already be in the works, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. During today’s long downtime, players talked about Destiny 3 on Twitter and argued about the game’s future and stability. Some people thought that the idea of a new engine and a clean slate was exciting and gave them hope that it would fix a lot of Destiny 2’s problems. Others said making and releasing a brand-new game isn’t easy and that it would probably be missing features or content when it came out. Plus, there’s no guarantee that it would solve all the problems that are coming up.

I think that making a new Destiny might be a good idea at some point. It could give the developers a chance to make something more flexible and able to handle the kinds of events they’ve been working on for years. But I’m not so naive to think it would solve all problems or be easy to make. Still, I understand how frustrating it is for players that Destiny 2 keeps being inconsistent.

Destiny 2 mostly works like an old PC or blender, but it’s covered in duct tape, dents, and dirt. And sometimes, you have to kick it or fiddle with the cord to get it going. Sure, it still rumbles to life for now, but you’ll probably need to replace it someday. And with Destiny 2, I have a feeling Bungie will keep slapping on the tape for as long as it takes for Destiny 2 to make it to the end of its planned roadmap, which means the last season will probably come out in 2024. After that, I’m not sure. By then, hopefully, the game will feel at least more stable and reliable, if not better.