Destiny 2 Players Aren’t Happy About New Mechanic

Destiny 2’s most recent expansion changed many of the game’s mechanics and added some new ones. However, many fans are particularly unhappy with the new Guardian Ranks and commendation systems. These new mechanics help both new and experienced Destiny 2 players move forward, though the requirements for getting to higher ranks have made it so that most players are all at a similar level.

The commendation system lets players show their teammates how much they appreciate them at the end of most game activities. The system works the same as commendation systems in other games, like the endorsement system in Overwatch 2, since commendations don’t do anything besides raise a player’s commendation score. It’s a simple and welcoming system that encourages players to be nicer to each other. However, Destiny 2 fans don’t like how this new system is linked to the Guardian Ranks system.

Having commendations for a REQUIREMENT for anything betrays their very purpose from DestinyTheGame

Most fans of Destiny 2 have probably already figured out that most players are at the identical rank: rank 6. Most of the requirements for moving up to the grade above are simple and easy to meet, as long as players have the Destiny 2: Lightfall DLC. However, the commendation score that needs to be earned is something that fans find particularly ridiculous. A Reddit user named Chundercracker said this in a post on the site. They said the need to get so many commendations pushes players to commend others to see if they’ll do the same for them, which goes against what the commendation system was meant to do.

At the moment, if a player wants to reach rank 7, they need a total of 750 commendations, which means they will have to get a lot of individual commendations. It’s hard to say exactly how many accolades are needed because the number of commendation points you get depends on what you do. So, players have figured out that players who raid a lot in Destiny 2 can get this commendation score quickly since endgame raids give the most commendation points.

This can be hard for players who don’t have the time or money to play raids often, and it will be even more challenging for players with less time to move up to higher ranks, which require a grand commendation score of 6,000 to reach the top. Even though part of the point of this new system is to make it easier to tell the difference between hard-core players and casual fans, many fans hope that Bungie will listen to community feedback and change this requirement in the future.