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Destiny 2 Players Discover Effortless Method for Commendation Farming

People who play Destiny 2 have found a way to use the game’s Commendation system to their advantage. Lightfall, the game’s most recent expansion, gave shooter fans a way to give each other gifts. Commendations in Destiny 2 let players say nice things about each other after a session.

It’s easy to give Commendations to people you’ve played games with. Destiny 2 players pick someone else on the “End of Activity” screen after a match and then choose which of the many awards they want to give them. Commendations are meant to show how skilled a gamer is and how much they help their teams, but some people have found ways to cheat the system.

A new way for players to get Commendations has been found that doesn’t involve the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2. Gamers must choose the Wellspring activity from the Witch Queen expansion and form a group of up to six. Then, everyone must go into the game with a grenade or rocket launcher ready because weapons are one of the essential parts of the farming method.

After everyone has loaded into the activity, they must blow themselves up. Then, those players will be able to give each other Commendations. It’s better to have as many people in the group as possible, but players will get fewer points over time if they keep getting points from the same people. Even so, you can get a lot of Commendations quickly if you farm in this way. It defeats the purpose of the new system in Destiny 2 since it lets players get rewards without really working for them.

Four types of commendations exist Ally, Fun, Mastery, and Leadership. Each of these has several subcategories that give players a wide range of rewards to give to other players. This means leading the offense, showing courage, pushing the team, and making the game fun. Some Commendations in Destiny 2 are only available in specific game modes, like Raids, Dungeons, and the Trials of Osiris. This means that players will have to use all of the shooter’s different game modes to earn all the different rewards.


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