Destiny 2 Season of Dawn calendars, events and exotics

As part of Bungie’s new development stream for Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of Dawn, the studio revealed the next three months of Destiny content. From the 10th of December to the beginning of March, players can participate on two separate holidays, unlock two exotic weapons, and more.

From December 10th, season ticket holders will be able to tackle the new sundial mode and defeat the niruul boss. All players can begin their seasonal voyage with the artifact “Lantern of Osiris”, upgrades of the subclass “Solar”, the return of elimination PvP mode, a recurring PvP card and two mysterious obelisks on Mars and the Tangled Coast.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Schedule Bungie

On December 17, two new obelisks open on Nessus and the EDZ. The sundial gets a new boss and the players will finally save the legendary Titan Saint-14. The morning holiday – Destiny’s is for all winter holidays – also starts on the 17th of December.

On December 24, players can attack the first Iron Banner of the season and a new sundial boss. On January 7th, the legendary difficulty level for the sundial will be unlocked and players will be able to hunt the Devil’s Run Exotic weapon. On January 28, Bastion Exotic Quest begins – Bastion appears to be a linear fusion rifle, but we’re not sure yet.

On February 4, a mysterious event called the Empyrean Foundation kicks off, and the sundial gets its final boss. The last event in the calendar is the Crimson Days Holiday – Destiny’s version of Valentine’s Day.

There is always the possibility that Bungie hides quests or exotics from the calendar, as was the case with last year’s surprise mission Outbreak Perfected. Players will learn more about the secrets hidden in Season of Dawn on December 10, when the season is live and Dataminer can plunge into the game’s code.

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