Destiny 2 server down on May 11, 2021 – Update 3.2.0

Destiny 2 server down on May 11, 2021 - Update 3.2.0

Bungie did it announced the next update for Destiny 2 – Offline Server e patch 3.2.0 on May 11th.

The appointment for the next Destiny 2 update has now been published on the official website of Bungie. The servers will be there on Tuesday 11 May shut down, maintenance work want follow is Update 3.2.0 It will be released.

Destiny 2 Server Down – Maintenance 5/11/21

9:00 am PDT
  • Destiny 2 will suffer maintenance for Update 3.2.0.
  • Some Destiny APIs features on, mobile and third party apps Sara disabled. No access to site or apps Sara possible.
9:45 am PDT
  • Destiny 2 will be taken offline for expected maintenance.
  • The players will be removed from activities and will not be in able to access back in Destiny 2 until 10:00 PDT.
  • At 10am PDT, the 3.2.0 update will begin to roll out across all platforms and regions.
  • Destiny in course 2 maintenance should finish at 11 AM PDT.
10:00 PDT
  • It will be Destiny 2 Update 3.2.0 available across all platforms and regions.
  • Players will be able to log in back in Destiny 2.
  • Players accessing the game can be placed in a queue, and maybe experience sign-on problems as a background maintenance it’s still in course.
11:00 am PDT
  • Destiny 2 maintenance should conclude.
  • Console players who have problems updating to 3.2.0 update should restart them console and try to download the file update.

Destiny 2 Patch 3.2.0 / Client Update

So far there isn’t official information that we also must download a patch, even if the notes say something like that. If a patch arrives, it will be the PS4 update 2.18.

How soon how Bungie releases more details and the patch notes, we will leave you know!

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