Destiny 2 Version 2.22 Update Released – Notes on the patch

like Bungie announced, update has been released. You can find all the details about it Destiny 2 patch on 3 June below.

The Destiny 2 Update 2.22 and now available for download, for all platforms. On PS4, the file size is 505MB, depending on on the platform.

Notes on patch Destiny 2 2.22 /



  • Added an energy barrier to the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector on EDZ, while on Legend or Master difficulty, to avoid skipping most of the meetings.
  • The lost sector of the empty tank on Twisted Shore now rewards the correct exotic gear, in line with the other lost sectors reward rotation.


  • Time of The changes for the glass armor now appear in the Collections tab.
  • Solved and issue where is it players he could kill Atheon binding the Supplicants as they self-destruct.
  • Solved and issue where is it players he could kill Atheon in the future Venus portal before starting the meeting.
  • Solved and issue where is it players could break the Minotaur shields in the meeting of the Guardian of using Prometheus lens.
  • Solved and issue where the Aegis relic block ability it wasn’t constantly blocking damage.



  • Pathway of Burning Steps no longer give a stack of its buff on being slowed down by the Stasi, only when locked up.
  • Libra Star Eater
    • Now correctly grants its damage bonus while the player It’s stopped in a well of splendor.
    • The status icon for Party of The light now scales properly up at x8, earning one stack for chosen sphere up.
    • Solved and issue when calculating Super bonus damage. Have 4 batteries of Party of The light will guarantee a 55% bonus to Super damage, and have a full 8 stacks will guarantee a 70% bonus to Super damage. For the context, the original formula al start of the season was 60% bonus to damage to 4 batteries.


  • Solved and issue where the roar of the ornament of the Wyrm for Whisper of the geometry of the Worm Exotic would disappear when walking against walls.


  • Solved and issue where he shuffles bullet ability kills we didn’t count for progress for Step 4 of the diplomacy of the iron hand quest.
  • Solved and issue where the Capture Completer Triumph was not unlocking properly for some players.


General stasis
Freezing of stasis

  • Reduced duration of all non Super freeze vs. players at 1.35 sec.
    • Note: This freeze is too short to stop out of, so broken out now he is alone possible when frozen by a Super.
  • Reduced Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons, and Lightweight bonus damage vs. frozen players from + 50% to + 5%.

Slow stasis

  • No longer reduces weapon accuracy.
    • Now increases weapon flare when below fire.
  • It no longer suppresses the class ability is air moves (eg Icarus Dash).
    • Known issue: Stormcaller’s Ionic Blink is still suppressed when slowed. We are going to address this in a future publication.
  • Reduced movement speed penalty while it slowed down by about 20%.

Whisper of Fragment of hedrons

  • No longer increases weapon damage after freezing.
  • Now increases weapon stability, weapon aim assistance, mobility, resilience and recovery after freezing.

Whisper of Fragment of Rhyme

  • It no longer provides protection while in Super.

Cold wave grenade

  • The seeker no longer tracks targets after initial target acquisition.
  • Increased duration of insertion before finder spawns 0.3s to 0.8s.
  • Reduced detonation range vs. players from 3m to 1.5m.
  • now it bounces off walls and detonates on the terrain.

Behemoth Titan

  • Reduced flight speed is distance.
  • Reduced rejection vs. players.
  • Slow detonation removed on player impact.


  • Now prompts the Titan to sprint for 1.25 seconds before activation when not in Super.
  • Removed the cooldown.

howl of the storm

  • Reduced angle of initial cone of frostbite / damage.
  • Reduced crystal-creation freezing radius.
  • Slowed down down sequence of crystal formation a allow victims more an opportunity for escape.
  • Now spawns a small crystal on walls if done in walls.

Glacial earthquake

  • Reduced vertical freezing of heavy slam range vs. players.
  • Damage resistance reduced from 50% to 47%.

Revenant Hunter
Withered blade

  • Reduced slowdown duration vs. players from 2.5s to 1.5s.
  • Reduced whisper of Extension duration slow duration Dur vs. players 2s to 0.5s.
  • Reduced damage vs. players 65 to 45 (after one rebound reduced over 30).
  • Reduced bullet speed 10%.
  • Reduced tracking after rebound off a wall.

Shroud in winter

  • Reduced slowdown duration vs. players from 2.5s to 1.5s.
  • Reduced whisper of Extension duration slow duration Dur vs. players 2s to 0.5s.

To touch of Winter

  • Coldwave Seeker no longer has increased movement speed or travel distance.
  • Cold wave seeker now spawns a small Stasis crystal on detonation.

Sorcerer Shadebinder
Twilight explosion

  • Reduced tracking e proximity detonation size and tracking vs. players.
  • Reduced freezing radius vs. players when you hit the environment 2.7 m to 1.5 m.

Ice thrower bolts

  • Seeker is now only chained once when spawned by a player shatter.

The wrath of winter

  • The tracking strength of the Freeze Projectile now increases down to 0 after 2s of flight.


  • Seasonal reward sources (including Locked Override Chests and the Weekly Vendor challenge) now correctly contain Seasonal Class Armor items and I have been updated for reduce the frequency of get duplicates items in succession.
  • The Iron Banner machine gun and shotgun now drop from the Iron Banner engram.
  • Time of Glass director the tooltip will keep its Pinnacle drop notification for classes that haven’t cleared it every week yet, how will the drops still be available.
  • Time of Glass secret Chests now properly drop armor for Titans and Warlocks.
  • Time of Glass seller purchase of the Templar package no longer occasionally provides incorrect weapons or armor.
  • Time of Glass seller purchase of the Templar package it no longer closes by itself out due to mistakenly detect if the player got it all of his possible results for the current character class.
  • Time of Purchases from glass sellers of The Conflux, Gatekeeper, and Atheon packages now properly grant armor when tale result is rolled up, instead of Nothing.

source: Bungie

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