Destiny 2: Xur Place and Items, 13.-16. December

If you played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly exotic items trader. He is back in Destiny 2 and now appears everywhere on the map. This week you will find Xur Nessus, standing up Calus’s barge in that Guardian grave,

Bungie / Activision

Xur’s inventory this week includes:

  • Prometheus lens, track rifle: 29 legendary shards
  • Young Ahamkaras back, hunter gloves: 23 legendary shards
  • Hallowfire Heart, Titan Chest: 23 legendary shards
  • Holy Dawn Wings, Warlock’s Cache: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronous engram: 97 legendary shards
  • Invitation quest: 9 legendary shards

Xurs inventory is limited to 941 if you are 960.

Prometheus lens

Prometheus Lens is a new exotic in Curse of Osiris. It used to be one of the most powerful weapons in Destiny 2 when it caused ridiculous damage in PvP by a bug (which was fixed now). Prometheus Lens is still great at removing large numbers of enemies at once.

The main advantage Prismatic Inferno, the longer you hold the shutter button, the larger the beam of the Prometheus lens will be. As a result, the tracking rifle can cause significant damage over a large area. The secondary ability of the weapon flames refractionmakes the first advantage even better so that kills can return ammo to the magazine. The more kills you get, the longer you can pull the trigger and increase your damage area. It’s a funny weapon and definitely worth the legendary shards.

Young Ahamkaras spine

The spine of the young Ahamkara is quite unremarkable for exotics. Its main advantage, Desired dragon’s teethIncreases the length and blast radius of your trip-around grenade and returns energy to your grenade slot when dealing with enemies with abilities. This is at best situational in PvP and almost unusable in PvE. A situational PvP exot is not a problem if hunters already have very good PvP catchables like the foetracer helmet. If you try to collect all the exotics and they are missing, Young Ahamkaras spine is just what you need. Otherwise, you have no reason to waste your legendary shards.

Xur’s role this week is Solarand comes with 46 total statistics.

Hallowfire Heart

This is a pretty situational exotic brisket. The main advantage is Sun fiery furnacewhich improves the recharge rate of your skills, though Hammer of Sol is loaded. This exoticism forces you to play sun breakersThat’s great, since it’s probably the Titan class that you use thanks to Hammer Strike.

Hallowfire Heart only helps you if you hold on to your super and do not use it – it definitely takes some getting used to. This is still one of our favorite Titan exotics and can be very powerful if you learn how to use it.

Xur’s role this week is Solarand comes with 49 total statistics.

Wing of the Holy Dawn

Wings of Sacred Dawn is one of the craziest exotics in Destiny 2. Its exotic advantage Tome of the Dawn, allows you to float in the air while aiming and keep you suspended for a short while. The more precision hits you achieve in this way, the longer you stay awake.

Wings of Sacred Dawn is a lot of fun but requires you to equip Dawnblade. Thankfully, Dawnblade has recently been polished, making it far more viable than it used to. If you like floating in the air and throwing fires, try this exotic variant.

Xur’s role this week is Solarand comes with 51 total statistics.


If you have not completed the invitation quest yet, Xur still offers it for nine legendary shards.

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