Destiny 2: Xur Place and Items, 27-30 December

If you’ve played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly exotic items dealer. It is back in Destiny 2 and now appears everywhere on the map. You’ll find Xur this week the EDZ, in the north of Winding Covestanding on a bluff.

Bungie over polygon

Xur’s inventory this week includes:

  • Fighting Lion, pipe grenade launcher: 29 legendary fragments
  • Mechaneers Tricksleeves, Hunter Gloves: 23 legendary pieces
  • MK. 44 Stand aside, Titan Legs: 23 Legendary Shards
  • The stat, warlock’s helmet: 23 legendary shards
  • Isochronous engram: 97 legendary fragments
  • Invitation quest: 9 legendary shards

Xur’s inventory is limited to 941 if you are 960.

Fighting lion

The Fighting Lion is an exotic grenade launcher. Its main advantage Late remunerationcauses its projectiles to bounce and not explode until you release the trigger. Its secondary advantage is Thin out the herdThis increases the damage done to the enemy shield. This grenade launcher also uses primary ammunition.

The fighting lion is a trick weapon, but that doesn’t mean that it is useless. When you’re working on a task that requires grenade firing, the fighting lion is perfect – because it rarely runs out of ammunition. It takes a lot of time to get used to the Fighting Lion, but it is a powerful tool in rare situations.

Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves

These gauntlets are all sidearms, with their exotic advantage Spring-loaded assembly, Switching to a sidearm increases the readiness and reload speed. If you are wounded, the weapon’s damage also increases.

Sidearms are very powerful at the moment and these gauntlets can increase their strength. If you don’t have them yet, pick them up this season.

Xur’s role this week is Solarand comes with 48 overall statistics.

MK. 44 Stand aside

Though technically bringing back Destiny exotics, the MK is. 44 Stand Asides are new exotic titanium boots in Curse of Osiris. Your main advantage in Destiny 2 is Seriously, watch out, If Titans are equipped with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike or Shield Bash and have maximum health, they will receive an overshield if they sprint at maximum speed. If you hit an enemy with these abilities, your melee energy will quickly recharge. This bonus is great for aggressive Titan players, especially in PvP. If you have a Titan, record it regardless of what activities you play.

Xur’s role this week is Emptyand comes with 50 total statistics.

The deer

A returning exotic from Destiny (at least in name and appearance), The Stag’s exotic bonus, Dear departed, gives you rift energy when you are close to death. When you die, you also throw a healing tear under your feet. This exotic has some great statistics and some interesting advantages.

Benefits that compel you to die to be useful are usually not great. However, this helmet can help you learn difficult encounters or save an ally’s life in Iron Banner.

Xur’s role this week is Emptyand comes with 48 overall statistics.


If you haven’t completed the invitation quest yet, Xur still offers it for nine legendary shards.

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