Destiny 2: Xur Place and Items, December 20-23

If you’ve played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly exotic items dealer. It is back in Destiny 2 and now appears everywhere on the map. You’ll find Xur this week titaniumin a small hut east of The rig,

Bungie / Activision

Xur’s inventory this week includes:

  • Two-Tailed Fox, rocket launcher: 29 legendary splinters
  • Assassin’s hood, hunter’s helmet: 23 legendary shards
  • Dunemarchers, titanium legs: 23 legendary shards
  • Contraverse Hold, Warlock Gauntlets: 23 legendary shards
  • Isochronous engram: 97 legendary fragments
  • Invitation quest: 9 legendary shards

Xur’s inventory is limited to 941 if you are 960.

Two-tailed fox

The Two-Tailed Fox is an exotic rocket launcher made from Forsaken. Its main advantage twintails, causes two missiles to be fired instead of one – both of which are tracking. Its secondary advantage is Play with your prey, causing one missile to cause burning sun damage and suppress the other enemies with no damage.

The Two-Tailed Fox is a cool rocket launcher that is interesting and unique in use. But it has never been very useful for later game content. If you want a fun exotic that is fun to use but not a major part of your arsenal, get Xur’s Two-Tailed Fox this week.

Assassin’s Cowl

The Assassin’s Cowl is a new exotic from Shadowkeep. If you’ve completed the Shadowkeep campaign as a hunter, you should have already received this helmet from Ikora Rey. The main advantage of Assassin Cowl is Disappearing executionthat makes the user invisible after killing a guard in close combat or killing another enemy in finishing move.

The bonus also triggers a certain regeneration of health. There are many great Hunter exotic species, but Assassin’s Cowls uses are limited. This is great for aggressive players, but lags behind some other PvE exotics like Celestial Nighthawk or Orpheus Rigs.

Xur’s role this week is Emptyand comes with 48 overall statistics.


Dunemarchers are excellent titanium boots that everyone should take with them. Your exotic perk, linear actuators, increases your sprint speed and causes chain damage to nearby enemies after sprinting. The secondary part of this benefit is almost unnoticed. The reason you want Dunemarchers is to increase your speed. This exotic is fantastic for PvP and can even prove useful on raids like The Gauntlet. If you don’t have these boots for your Titan, be sure to grab them.

Xur’s role this week is arcand comes with 50 total statistics.

Contraverse hold

Contraverse Hold is a new Warlock Exotic added in Forsaken. Its exotic advantage Chaotic exchanger, Increases damage resistance when loading a Void Grenade by a bonus. Loaded grenade hits return a random amount of grenade energy each time they do damage. These are powerful Void Warlock gauntlets. If coincidence was not kind to you, get it!

Xur’s role this week is Emptyand comes with 48 overall statistics.


If you haven’t completed the invitation quest yet, Xur still offers it for nine legendary shards.

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