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Destroy Dog Houses in Fortnite: Locations and how to quickly finish challenge


Fortnite launched its Chapter 2 Season 2 Week 6 difficulties, and among them is to Destroy Dog Houses.

In order to finish this challenge you need to destroy 3 DogHouses Luckily for those looking to finish this challenge, there are 6 overall Dog Houses on the map. This is a quite easy challenge due to the fact that ruining a Dog House is extremely simple– simply swing your pickaxe at it.

The only part that makes this challenging is that you most likely do not have all of the Dog House locations conserved to memory. You have actually certainly seen them throughout your gameplay, however in fact understanding where they are would be odd. We’re odd and here to assist you find 3 of them to get this challenge ended up.

Destroy Dog Houses– Fortnite Challenge

As you can inform in the Cheat Sheet above, there are lots of Dog House locations.

There are 3 near Pleasant Park, 2 near Craze Farm and 4 around Lazy Lake and Retail Row integrated. If you desire to get this done quickly, your best bet is to just go to Holly Hedges

The map shows 5 Dog Houses situated in Holly Hedges, so you can go from one to another and get this challenge done in no time at all.

The video above by TamashaBera completely shows how you can discover all 3 Holly Hedges Dog Houses.

One lags a brownhouse Another is near a house with a basketball hoop in the front. One you’ll need to destroy some hedges in order to see.

Technically you do not have to destroy all 3 in a single match to finish this challenge, however because they’re all so close together you might also simply get them all out of the method by going to Holly Hedges.

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