“Destructive News” … international condemnation of Turkey’s withdrawal from the women’s agreement

It was only hours before Turkey announced its withdrawal from an international agreement to protect women and activists viewed it as a way to combat escalating domestic violence before international condemnations resumed.

France regretted the decision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced by the Official Gazette on Saturday, and viewed it as a violation and violation of respect for human rights.

She also voiced her fear of the impact of this withdrawal on combating violence against women.

“Devastating News”

In turn, the International Organization for the Empowerment of Women criticized the Turkish decision and called on the authorities to reconsider it.

A spokeswoman for the German Foreign Ministry also confirmed that Turkey’s withdrawal from the agreement sends the wrong signal to Europe and Turkish women, stressing that neither tradition nor other norms can be an excuse to ignore violence against women.

The Council of Europe viewed Turkey’s withdrawal as “devastating news” and a “threat to the protection of women” in that country, and European Parliament rapporteur on Turkey Nacho Sanchez wrote in a tweet: “This is the real face of the current Turkish government , a total disdain for the rule of law and a total withdrawal of human rights. “According to him.

Demonstrations by the thousands

Thousands of people demonstrated in Turkey to protest the decision, urging Erdogan to reverse his decision, and Turkish opponents criticized the authorities.

Thousands of women and men gathered in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district shouted slogans such as “Cancel your decision, implement the agreement!” The demonstrators carried pictures of killed women and banners that read “Women will win this war”.

This decision was made at a time when Turkey does not keep official statistics on femicides. However, data from the World Health Organization showed that 38% of women in Turkey are exposed to violence from their partner, compared to 25% in Europe.

Istanbul treaty

It is noteworthy that Ankara last year announced its intention to withdraw from the “Istanbul Treaty”, which is one of several international agreements that could protect Turkey from violence.

This resulted in large numbers of women taking to the streets and angry protests. As a result, security agencies arrested dozens of their participants.

The “Istanbul Treaty” is an international agreement that Ankara wanted to discuss with the European Council for Human Rights in 2011 and which came into force after it was signed in August 2014. The aim is to create legal mechanisms to combat gender-based violence and discrimination.

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