Details of article 80 on which Said based his decisions!

The decisions of Tunisian President Kais Saied, issued on Sunday evening, to freeze parliament and remove the government, were widely welcomed in Tunisian streets, as the president stressed in various declarations of its willingness to respect the constitution and its requirements, to impose the law on all and to guarantee the independence of the judiciary.

The Tunisian president denounced by describing his exceptional measures taken in the past few hours as a “coup”, underlining that they are consistent with the Tunisian constitution, in what was referred to in article 80 of the Tunisian constitution.

Article 80 details

The article states that “the President of the Republic, in case of imminent danger that threatens the entity of the homeland, the security and independence of the country, and with which the normal functioning of the wheels of the state is impossible, can take the necessary measures from the exceptional situation, having heard the President of the Council, the President and the Assembly of People’s Representatives, and informed the President of the Constitutional Court, and declares (the President) the measures in a declaration to the people.

It also states that “these measures must aim to ensure the return to normal functioning of the wheels of the state as soon as possible, and the Assembly of People’s Representatives in permanent session throughout this period, e in in this case, the President of the Republic cannot dissolve the Assembly of People’s Representatives, nor can a Government Fault list be presented ”.

It also provides that “30 days after entry in force of these measures, e in any subsequent moment, the Constitutional Court, at the request of the President of the Assembly of People’s Representatives or 30 of its members, is entrusted with the task of deciding whether the exceptional situation should continue or not. The court publicly declares its decision for a maximum of 15 days. ” .

The aforementioned article reads: “The implementation of these measures ceases when theirs cause they fail. The President of the Republic addresses a declaration to the people on the matter “.

The dismissal of the government and the freezing of Parliament

Interestingly, on Sunday, the Tunisian president sacked the prime minister and ordered the parliament to be frozen for 30 days after demonstrations in the streets of many cities to protest the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A few hours before Said’s announcement, thousands of Tunisians demonstrated in several cities in the country, despite the heavy deployment of police forces to restrict movements, asking in in particular the dissolution of Parliament.

In addition, the president decided to suspend work for two days in the whole Tunisian territory and a curfew for one month.

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