Determination of the price range for the “ready” offer in the Saudi market between 750 and 850 riyals

HSBC Saudi Arabia has announced the definition of the price range for the offer and the start of the book process building for qualified (non-private) investors with the offer of Jahez International Company for Information Systems Technology.

The company explained in a statement to “Tadawul Saudi” today Thursday that the price range has been set between (750 – 850) riyals per share.

The offer process involves the offer of 1,888 million ordinary shares, equal to approximately 18% of the share capital post- offer, and the assignment of further shares in implementation of the price stability mechanism, for a maximum amount of 204,590 thousand shares.

The minimum number of shares that can be subscribed by the participating classes is 7,500 shares, while the maximum is 524,590 thousand shares.

The price of the offer in Public subscription will be determined after completion of the book process building, which will be followed by the underwriting process for the qualified investor segment (natural persons).

The number of shares in offering that will initially be awarded to qualified (non-private) investors is 1,888 million shares, equal to 100% of the total shares in offer, provided that the final allotment takes place after the end of the subscription period for qualified investors (individuals).

In case in to which Qualified Investors (individuals) subscribe for all Shares in Offer allotted to them, the Master Subscription Manager has the power to reduce the number of Shares allotted to Qualified Investors (non-natural persons) to 1.615 million Shares in Offer – as a minimum – representing 85.6% of the total of the Shares in Offering.

The order book creation process extends for (5) days, starting Thursday, December 9, 2021, through December 13.

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