Determine the most harmful toothbrush

Russian dentist Ilya Sklyarov announced that the most harmful toothbrushes are natural, hard and with different bristles.

In a conversation with Gazeta.Ru, the doctor points out: “Oddly enough, not all natural products are equally useful. For example, in the case of toothbrushes, a large number of bacteria collect on the natural bristles used in work. make them. It is not easy to make them from the natural bristles of these bacteria. In addition, such a brush wears out quickly, and the bristles fall out and become unusable.

Sklyarov recommends choosing a toothbrush with synthetic bristles, given its size. It should not be too small or too large. The bristles should not be spaced apart, as this reduces their effectiveness at brushing teeth, or they have stiff bristles so as not to damage the gums and tooth enamel.

The doctor emphasizes that the bristles of the toothbrush should be at the same level, and not at different levels.

He says: “Manufacturers of oral hygiene products have long produced many different types of brushes with bristles of different heights, claiming that these bristles are better at cleaning hard-to-reach places. But it turns out that the smooth and thick bristles are able to clean all surfaces of the teeth. High quality. Because in this case, all the bristles are involved in the cleaning process.

Source: Gazeta.Ru