Detroit Cord Friggs’ Dylan Larkin doesn’t want his fans to vote for him at the NHL All-Star Game: “I like the days away more”

Detroit Red Wings Ahead Dylan Larkin was extremely candid about being a part of the upcoming NHL All-Star celebrations on January 24-25. Following their nomination for “Last Men In” – a process that allows fans to choose one more player from each section to vote in All-Star Weekend – Larkin urged fans to avoid his name on the ballot .

“Please don’t vote [for me]. I like the days far more,” Larkin Tuesday said, according to the Detroit Free Press “Helene St. James.

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Larkin has a season with just nine goals and 24 points through 40 games, setting the pace to finish with 18 goals and 49 points, which would be his lowest rating since 2016-17. Last season he had 32 goals and 73 points in 76 games.

The 2019-20 campaign was less than ideal for the Red Wings, who currently hold the last place in the NHL with a record of 9-28-3, making it the only team in the league to have won at least 10 games this season.

During the season, the 23-year-old wing was also simple in terms of overall team performance.

It’s hard to try to find an answer when it’s night and night and try different things, “Larkin said after the New York Rangers’ 6-1 decision on Nov. 6, just two days after another 6-1 loss to the winners. of Nashville.

“It seems to be a different story every night. We can’t really make a full 60 minutes, a complete game.”

Forward Tyler Bertuzzi was the only Detroit player to make the All-Star roster as part of the Metropolitan Division team. He leads the Red Wings by 30 points in 40 games.

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