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Developments in the differences of the Brotherhood in Turkey … Calls for elections


New developments revealed in the file Disputes of the Brotherhood of Egypt in TurkeyAnd the consequent splits and divisions in the ranks of the group, and the intensification of the conflict between the fronts of Ibrahim Munir, the interim leader of the group, and Mahmoud Hussein, the former general secretary, especially after Munir’s decision to dissolve the administrative office and the Shura Council, and to postpone the elections in the country, scheduled for last July, by 6 months.

Last month, the Brotherhood held internal elections among its members to appoint members to a new office in Turkey’s Shirin Evler and Beylikduzu regions, where a large number of the group’s members reside. Those elections saw several problems and appeals, and were not recognized by the Mahmoud Hussein group, which includes Medhat Al-Haddad, Saber Aboul Fotouh, Mamdouh Mabrouk and Abdel Rahman Fathi. Others have also filed appeals, including Imad Ibrahim Hassaballah, Saad Abu Shahda and Ahmed Al-Dali.

Ibrahim Mounir (archive)

Furthermore, the appeals revealed that they took place from 25 August to 6 September in Turkey elections to elect the members of the ten Shura People’s Councils and their representatives in the country’s Shura Council. The number of successful people has reached 250, with one media of 25 for each of the ten divisions.

Appeals against the election results

However, 4 groups filed an appeal against the elections and their results. The appeals included complaints of “inappropriate behavior” and serious violations during the elections, as well as the failure to cancel exceptions, including the representation of the “sisters”, the youth quota, the powers and competences of the Secretary General.

The group recognized the existence of a state of indignation among the young people and the “sisters” for the practices and behaviors of the group in Turkey, where they resorted to Ibrahim Munir not to marginalize them, and to recommend the need to take this into account when representing the people of the group and establishing a list of sanctions and sanctions against individuals and leaders who commit violations or are involved in corruption activities.

2 million dollars

This pissed me off Mahmoud Hussein and members of the forehead. The Hussein front accused the Munir front of spending up to $ 2 million during the election period to bring in a group of its supporters, in one moment in which the group spends the equivalent of $ 1.7 million on its media activities and platforms per month, considering this is an extravagance and a waste of the organization’s money.

For its part, the Munir Front accused the Hussein Front of involvement in financial and administrative violations in the group office, and its registration of properties, properties and funds belonging to the group in their name and in the name of their children, as well as the presence of many objections within the Brotherhood to the performance and guidance of the group , and access by those close to it to represented financial privileges in monthly salaries exceeding $ 3,500 per person, and obtaining citizenship and permanent residency in Turkey.

internal break?

In this context, Amr Abdel Moneim, a researcher in the affairs of Islamic movements, said that the administrative office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey suffers from several serious divisions after the recent elections and the inability of Mahmoud Hussein’s group to accept the results of the new office.

Abdel-Moneim added to Al-Arabiya.net that the divisions between the Brotherhood in Turkey had greatly exacerbated, forcing the Complaints Committee official, Mohi El-Din Al-Zayt, who appeared suddenly after a long absence, to take an investigation into the grievances to calm the Brotherhood’s internal ranks, but the winds they brought what Ships does not want, and the investigation ended with the adoption of the results of the internal elections.


He also stressed that the divisions in the internal ranks of the group will lead to its internal collapse, especially as the Ibrahim Munir Front will not be in able to control the traditional opponents of the Mahmoud Hussein Front. He pointed out that it is clear that Munir will overthrow the elements of the old office with the dismissal, as has happened in precedence in the case of the assassination of Mr. Fayez, a member of the secret organization of the group, after winning the former guide Hassan al-Hudaybi in his favor, so he was assassinated by the leaders of the special regime. He added that Munir could repeat what his predecessor al-Hudaybi did, who did not dissolve the private organization, but rather restructured it to adopt its intellectual and political orientation.

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