Dhamk defends his advantage in the conquest .. and the young man sings it with the pioneer

Today, Thursday, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup Professional League will enter its thirteenth round, with two matches.

Al-Fath × Dhamk

The wounded opening collides. With his counterpart Damak, Al-Fateh tries to correct, as he takes 12th place with twelve points, while Damak takes first place and the lead and is looking forward to continuing his victories and progressing and firmly capturing the lead and not to lose him in light of the frenetic competition of the other teams chasing him, where he is in test first with (24).

Young × pioneers

Al-Shabab hosts its main counterpart in the bout, which will be titled Excitement, Rivalry and Importance, and Al-Laith reunites the youth with his counterpart, the pioneer of the challenge, and tends to the host team relatively experience, integration, elements and arrangement, and the two teams are inspired by the kidnapping of the three match point and the assault on the front, and now they are moving at a good pace and with good results.

Al Shabab occupies the third place with (22) collected from 6 wins, 4 draws and two defeats, and enters the match with the slogan of victory, in when he gets the lead, albeit temporarily, and in the hope that he stumbles against Al-Fateh, he has fifth place with (18) collected from 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, and the match plays with the winning slogan which gives him a good pace in lead the standings, and a draw or loss takes him back.

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