DHL Middle East Officer for Arabia: $ 50 billion in global investments for transport robots

Supply chain disruptions, supply chain problems and rising freight rates have pushed shipping companies to rely more on automation and robotics, so that the value of robot investments in the shipping industry global has reached unprecedented levels.

Irina Albanese, Head of Innovation by DHL Middle East, confirmed in an interview with Al Arabiya that investments in robotics and automation in the global shipping industry surpassed $ 50 billion last year.

And he considered that the current era is the era of cooperation with robots and artificial intelligence, which They help reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions simultaneously through Intensification of dependence on technological solutions.

And he warned that the increase in purchases of luxury goods online has increasingly forced the use of the Internet of Things in the shipping industry during and after the pandemic.

He pointed out that there are more than 270,000 robot applications in the logistics field and more than $ 50 billion in the robotics and automation sector, according to 2020 statistics.

In front of Al Arabiya, he showed a series of robots that the company uses in the multiple stages of the shipping operations, which saves a lot of time, effort and money for many customers.

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