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Diablo 4: Already Dividing the Gaming Community in an Absurd Detail – What’s Causing the Divide?

Diablo IV: A Few Days Left Before Launch

The Launch of Diablo IV or Diablo 4

Diablo IV is quickly approaching, with only a few days left before players can finally journey through the vast infernal lands of this highly anticipated title. Blizzard’s fourth installment of the famous hack ‘n’ slash game will officially be released on June 6 for everyone and June 2 for those who pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate edition. After Open Beta Early Access, Open Beta in March, and the test server load a few days ago, players are more than ready to discover every corner of this new title.

The Trophy of Discord

During the Slam Server, which was the last open beta to date for Diablo IV, some seasoned players were able to defeat the boss Ashava. Far from being an easy task, players needed to be very well-equipped for the combat and well-accompanied. The reward for defeating Ashava was a trophy called Ashava’s Sob, which players could hang proudly on their mount. It was a great reward that allowed players to keep a memory of their epic combat during the beta.

However, what was once a mere reward has become a troll within the community of Diablo IV fans. Those who have obtained this reward love to brag excessively about their achievement, dividing players into two categories: those who have Ashava’s Sob and those who do not. A nickname is also given to those who do not have the trophy, and they are called the “Sans-trophies”. To affirm their superiority humorously, a club was created, only reserved for the holders of the famous trophy, named “diablo4ATClub”. Here are some examples of statements that you can find there:

These kinds of statements are meant to be taken as second-degree humor. However, some people in the community seem genuinely affected by the disregard of not having the trophy. Some players said they did not have time to defeat Ashava during the open beta weekend. Even if they understood the humorous content of the remarks made by players with the trophy, they affirm that these jokes create a negative atmosphere within the community of fans.


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