Diablo 4 Launches with Major Issues and Disappoints Fans

Diablo 4, one of the most anticipated games whose release date is quickly approaching, is already off to a bad start. The game’s open beta just started, and anyone who pre-ordered the game was met with long wait times and error codes that kept them from logging into the game. Blizzard knows about the problem and is actively working to fix it. The botched launch of Overwatch 2 seems to have taught the company a lesson.

VGC says that anyone who played Diablo 4 over the weekend had a bad time. The wait times are very long, the game shows different error codes, and sometimes it just stops working. Those who were able to log in can’t connect to their friends or invite them to play. Adam Fletcher, who is in charge of Diablo 4’s community, has acknowledged the problem and said that the development team is working on fixing the problems that keep people from getting into the game.

Diablo 4

The people who work behind the scenes on Diablo 4 actively control how fast people can join the game until they find a way to fix the problems with people getting disconnected. Once these problems are fixed, the team will bring in more players, and the queue times will decrease to something more reasonable and manageable. Fletcher also gave a full list of the problems happening with one of Blizzard’s most famous games. These problems aren’t just caused by long wait times.

Diablo 4 players can’t join a party with other players while in the game. This is another way that Blizzard handles a large number of players while they work on a solution. This problem comes up once in a while, but it’s standard everywhere. Players are also getting kicked out of games and getting an error message that their party doesn’t exist. On some hardware, some systems use a lot of RAM and CPU.

None of these problems are that bad. We’re talking about an open beta release, which means the game is still being tested. Still, it would be nice if Blizzard gave pre-order players something to compensate for the trouble because that’s what this is: trouble. It would be a real problem if we were talking about a full-fledged game release. At that point, the only thing that would be acceptable would be long wait times, which happen with almost every new live-service release. World of Warcraft Dragonflight had the same problems when it came out.

Diablo 3 is still played by millions worldwide because it has a very active community. On the other hand, Diablo Immortal is losing money because Blizzard put up a lot of paywalls, and the game costs over $100,000 to play correctly. The upcoming Diablo 4 won’t have the controversial loot boxes. Instead, it will focus on a reward system that fans like.