Diablo IV Meets Barbie: The Unlikely Brand Synergy that Fascinates with Toes

An Unlikely Brand Synergy: Diablo IV and Barbie

Understanding Brand Synergy

Come on, a quick marketing lesson is in order (I promise it won’t be long). Brand synergy is a bit like an identity. The latter brings together information on what the brand offers or who it targets as well as on the values ​​specific to the company or its philosophy. In particular, this makes it easier to target the line to follow, whether from the point of view of new products to be developed but also from a marketing point of view. If many brands today are based on a mimicry that comes up again and again with each advertisement, it is thanks to this synergy. But then why on are you talking about that?

Diablo IV and Barbie: A Foot Story

As Jason Schreier noted in the tweet above, Diablo IV and Barbie share a fascination with toes. Whether it’s Lilith’s or Barbie’s, the feet are an important and almost symbolic part of the communication of both titles (a fact that will certainly please Quentin Tarantino). Some even find the way Lilith moves in the trailers reminiscent of Barbie walking down from her house. It was enough to see some people hoping for a desired marketing crossover between the two brands.

In their defense, there have already been precedents of this kind. The best known is of course the link between Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons which, united by their release date, had offered some moments of joint communication. Certainly, there is little chance that this unexpected synergy will be taken up and knowingly supported by the communication teams of Diablo IV and Barbie in the future. But since Jason Schreier is an influential person in the industry, nothing is impossible. Here, on already dreams of seeing Barbie integrate the seasonal journey, just for the joke (hope makes live you know).

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